Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Ice Wizard


I'm going to sound like an old person now. Back in my day, when I played Clash Royale, the ice wizard and princess were the only Legendary cards in the game and as a free to play player it seemed 
almost impossible to obtain these powerful cards. I don't remember how long it took for me to get these cards, but once I obtained them they were not "meta" anymore, but I was quite happy to
finally have a legendary type card. And thus, this is why I like the ice wizard better than the other wizard because of how good it was at one time and...Nostalgia reasons. I do have to admit
that the recent art of the ice wizard sort of looks like a grown up Jack Frost from Rise of the guardians with Blue hair.

Entry: Released on February 29th, 2016, you can unlock the ice wizard in the frozen peak arena. Costing 3 Elixir, the ice wizard does little damage but slows down his target's movement and attack speed by 35% Fun facts: 1. When the Ice wizard walks, a snow crunching sounds plays 2. The ice wizard cannot reset the inferno tower or inferno dragon. Only slow it down 3. When deployed a pile of snow will fall off the target

Model Details:
Pages: 5
Height: 4.50 in / 11.43 cm
Width: 4.00 in / 10.16 cm
Depth: 2.60 in / 6.60 cm
Download:3D Model / Templates
Notes: I feel lazy, watch the video if you have any questions. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building.

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