Wednesday, July 13, 2022

5-x-x Ultra Juggernaut


I have personally never used this upgrade but I like the idea of a monkey using a catapult to pop bloons. I know the 4-0 was alright in the early game in BTD5 and it was a cheap option to pop ceramic bloons and shoot down straight away in BTD Battles, but I personally don't know how usable this monkey is nowadays. The only problem with monkey is that I wish that the design of this monkey changed when upgrading from the fourth-tier. It seems that the only change that occurred was the catapult got bigger. Besides that, I have nothing else to say about this monkey.

The ultra juggernaut does a lot of damage to ceramics as it breaks them down into 4 black bloons and 4 white bloons. Unlike its fourth-tier upgrade,
if half of the pierce of a projectile is used the projectile will split into 6 normal juggernaut balls and if all of its 200 pierce is used up, the 
projectile will split into 12 balls

	Easy: 12,750
	Medium: 15,000
	Hard: 16,200
	Impoppable: 18,000

Fun Facts:
1. This upgrade requires the least amount of exp to unlock (22,000)
2. This is one of two tier 5 upgrades where the monkey does not wear no clothes
3. This is the only Tier 5 upgrade that does not change from its regular one.

Model Details:
Pages: 5
Height: 6.00 in / 15.24 cm
Width: 4.19 in /  10.64 cm
Depth: 5.71 in / 14.50 cm
Downloads: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: Make the catapult is not too difficult. Make all the individual pieces and glue them together. MAKE SURE to place two small weights in the two bases of the catapult to allow the model to stand by itself. The monkey is just like any other monkey on this website but... make sure that each tab is fully glue to its respected piece before gluing the next one. Why? the legs are crossed so the pieces are a little different. I know very descriptive. If you need help view the video above to help you out. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned.

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