Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Chibi Spiritomb




For the longest time, I thought that Spiritomb was a legendary as you had to go out of your way to obtain this Pokemon. But nope, my little kid brain was wrong like normal. It is just a normal basic Pokemon with a different way of obtaining it. Whenever I faced this Pokemon was against Cynthia, I remember is that it would always uses embargo for no reason and was easily K.O.ed (That's why I was like what a weak legendary Pokemon this, but welp it isn't a legendary Pokemon. At least in the TCG, it had a short spell on being usable as the one from Unbroken Bonds had the ability Building Sprite putting one damage counter on this Pokemon per turn. Then, you could pack a heavy hit with
Anguish Cry as the Pokemon would do more damage for each damage counter on this Pokemon, and with items like cape of toughness allowing Spiritomb to do more damage and scoop of net to basically full heal your Spiritomb, Spiritomb could pack quite a heavy punch for only one prize card.
Pokedex Entry:
According to the Pokedex, Spiritomb is bounded to the Odd Keystone as a punishment about 500 years ago (sheesh what did it do to recieve this punshiment). As you will see later, Spiritomb is formed by 108 spirits. Legends Arceus is the only entry with something saying different than what is mention above. It mentions that Spiritomb can lay curses by thinking wicked thoughts and was born out of the assembly of 5 score and 8 malevolent spirits (Not 108 spirits... huh?🤷‍).
Fun Facts:
1. Well this Pokemon is heavily associated with number 108 the amount of relation with this Pokemon is insane so here we go...
  • It is formed by 108 spirits
  • In the Sinnoh Dex it is 108
  • It weighs exactly 108 kg
  • Its defense and Special Defense is 108
  • You find it on Rte 108 in Omega Ruby
  • In Pokemon Go you encounter it by feeding 108 berries and catching 108 Pokemon
  • You have to find 108 wisps to catch it in Hisui
2. Prior to gen 6, this Pokemon would be hacked into the game with Wonder Guard... And you can guess what ends up happening
3. This Pokemon is based upon many cultures... here we go another list
  • Based on a Deildegast (Norweigen Folklore Spirirt) who hauls a boundary stone as punishment
  • Based on Buddist tradition where on New Year’s a bell is rung 108 times to chase away the 108 temptations to achieve Nirvana
  • (Great more references to 108)
  • Based on the Water Margin a classic Chinese novel (I'm not going to explain the story but again makes reference to 108)
  • Spirits around its face resemble a set of prayer beads
Model Details:
Pages: 1
Height: 2.07 in / 5.26 cm
Width: 2.32 in / 5.89 cm
Depth: 2.12 in / 5.38 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: For this model, make sure to place a weight in the Keystone in order to get the model to stand by itself. If you have any questions, refer to the video up above. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned!

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