Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Chibi Porygon2



Never used this in game. I know that Porygon 2 that is much better than its final evolution Porygon Z because of eviolite and its natural bulk. I have no idea what the set it would run but I assume it would look something like it is holding the eviolite while running recover, toxic, ice beam and some other attack and with Porygon 2's great coverage this Pokemon could carry quite a variety of moves. I don't think this was too good in competitive play but I think this Pokemon is a pretty good option for nuzlocke


Pokedex Entry:

According to the Pokedex, Porygon was the updated with the latest technology available in order to be able to work in space and explore other planets. Surprisingly, it cannot fly (I assume it just levitates then in order to move around). Furthermore, Porygon 2 may exhibit motions not originally programmed into it. The dark entry regarding this Pokemon is that Porygon 2 created its own language, not programmed in by humans, to communicate with other Porygon 2. Well it looks like Porygon 2

is going to plot with other Porygon 2s to take over the world.


Fun Facts:

1. Porygon 2 is the only Pokemon with a number in its name. Yes Mewtwo doesn't count

2. Porygon 2 is the only mid-entry Pokemon that requires a trade

3. Porygon 2 is based off a bird, paper crane, or a drinking bird toy that has been rendered through computer software

Model Details:

Pages: 1

Height: 2.20 in / 5.59 cm

Width: 1.73 in / 4.39 cm

Depth: 2.52 in / 6.40 cm

Download: 3D Model / Templates

Notes:  This model is not difficult at all. Build all the objects sepeartely and then free-hand glue the parts to the body. You will need to put a small weight in the body to get the model to stand by itself. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned!

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