Saturday, April 9, 2022

The Anti-bloon Super Monkey (x-5-x)


For the longest time I really liked the x-4 Super Monkey when I played BTD5 . I know it was terrible against grouped bloons, but I would just spam x-4 them everywhere. Unlike in BTD5 I rarely used the anti-bloon in the game... so I have no experience with the tower. All I know that its ability does a lot of damage to MOAB class bloons. I do have to admit I really like the design of this monkey as it sort of reminds me of a combination of Mega man (my favorite smash character... we can talk about this another day) and the suits humans get into in the movies Live Die Repeat or Matrix 3.
Ok so I don't have any clue on what the stats mean for this monkey so, I am just going to say that this monkey is a huge upgrade on its previous version and can pop every type of bloon as long as it has the upgrade ultravision. Furthermore is quite expensive as it costs...
Easy: 76,000
Medium: 90,000
Hard: 97,200 
Impoppable: 108000
Unless you are going to go late game and want to use its ability or trying to get the vengeful temple I see no purpose of this tower.

Model Details:
Pages: 4
Height: 3.10 in / 7.87 cm
Width: 4.26 in / 10.82 cm
Depth: 3.52 in / 8.94 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: I give this model a solid medium for the difficulty of this model. There is a lot of pieces to make but making the head can be a little bit tricky to build so refer to the video down below, or Pepakura for help. I do recommend folding all the lines (regardless of building the lineless version) when building the mouth of this model. Lastly, when building the arms, start by building the red inside of the cannon and working your way around. Besides that. I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned!

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