Saturday, March 5, 2022

Chibi Mega Swampert


I believe this Pokemon is only good in Rain with its swift swim ability, but besides that, I have no clue about this Pokemon. I have to admit that it is my least favorite hoenn Mega starter. 
Also don't worry about the messed up numbering of 207 and 208 I was orignally going to release them reversed but I forgot I did not have a video for this Pokemon so...oops.

Pokedex Entry:
🤷‍♂️. This has no Pokedex entry, but its biology says that its upper body is much stronger than its lower body, and I could think of one of those bulky guys at the gym with chicken legs🤪.

Fun Facts:
1. Mega Swampert is the only Pokemon with the base stat of 635

Model Details:
Pages: 3
Height: 3.00 in / 7.62 cm
Width: 4.33 in / 11.00 cm
Depth: 4.16 in / 10.57 cm
Download: 3D Model / Download
Notes: Well I made this model a little bit ago.. so there is no video for this model. The good thing there is only one difficult part of the model. Once the entire model is completed, the last thing to do is build the back fin. You will need to cut the fin so that it fits snuggly with the body and allow the model to stand. Each model will be different from each other so do your best when trimming the model. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tune!

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