Thursday, March 10, 2022

Chibi Hisuian Zorua


I messed up the numbering a few months ago so I decided to fix it now. Don't worry about it, but 5 points to what Harry Potter house you are apart of if you can fine between which two models I messed up on. Anyways, this is my favorite Hisuain version out of the new forms. Its shiny makes it look even cooler. I don't know anything about how goof this Pokemon is as I have not played Legends of Arceus, but aesthetically this Pokemon is pretty cool.

Recently I worked with Javi-Papercrafts to make a Hisuain Zorua. IF you want to make a more detailed version, you can download the templates here:

Pokedex Entry:
According to the Pokedex, Hisuain Zorua was an onced departed soul who returned to Hisuai. Huh? so did a person die and then reemerged in Hisuai, that is what I am assuming this is refering to. I wonder if there is a character this could have been. Originally, I was going to try to make a connection between this Pokemon and the ghost girl in Unova and X and Y, but I feel like that would be a stretch. The Pokedex also mentions that Hisuain Zorua derives its power from resentment which rises as energy at the top of its head.

Fun Fact:
1. Hisuain Zorua is the only normal ghost type in the game.
2. It is based on vengeful ghosts and revenants.

Model Details:
Pages: 1
Height: 3.10 in / 7.87 cm
Width: 2.39 in / 6.07 cm
Depth: 2.84 in / 7.21 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: This model is not too difficult to build. Just remember to place a weight in the model to get the model to stand by itself. If you have any difficulty building the model refer to the video down below. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned!


  1. good job bro, you could do this as samurott hisui

    1. Thanks man...that is a good idea. I may start working on it