Saturday, March 12, 2022

Chibi Ekans


Just a Pokémon I forget about. Never used it before but it was recommended by someone so before I forget about this Pokémon again I minus will release it.

Pokédex entry:
Basically, this Pokémon is just a snake (well makes sense by its snake backwards).
 According the Pokédex, ekans silently hunts in the grass to sneak on it prey and can freely detach its jaw to eat its prey whole. It enjoys looking for pidgey and spearow eggs. It is also mentioned that the older ekans becomes the longer it becomes, and when it is resting, it curls up.

Fun Fact
1. Ekans was originally called arbo in the beta
2. Ekans is one of fourteen Pokémon in Pokémon diamond and pearl in which you can collect a foreign Pokédex entry

Model Details:
Pages: 1
Height: 1.64 in / 4.17 cm
Width: 1.09 in / 2.77 cm
Depth: 2.56 in / 6.50 cm
Download:  3D Model / Templates
Notes: this model is not too difficult to build. Just build the head and the body and then attach them together. To get the model to stand place a small weight in the body.

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