Wednesday, March 2, 2022

5-5-5 Navarch of the Sea Paragon Buccanear

I wanted to make a boat, I like Bloons tower defense; hence, I made this model. I will have to admit I have never used this upgrade before, but the design is prett good

Costing between 425,000; 500,000; 540,000 or 600,000 dollars the Navarch of the sea I'm just going to list all the aspects of this monkey.
  • It is armed with 18 turrets which shoots 3 explosive rounds and 10 arrow head shaped graped shots (The grape shot upgrade of the buccaneer is my favorite upgrade for the buccaneer)
  • On deck there are 6 grappling hooks that take down MOABs class bloons and uses two of his hooks to pull down a ZOMG bloon. These grappling shoot 10 times before entering a 10 second period (I believe it acts something like the pirate ability). 
  • Launches 3 fighter jets that shoots 4 seeking missiles every 10 shots
  • Its ability shoots a grappling hook that can take down BAD bloons
Fun Facts:
1. This is the first paragon with an active ability
2.The fighter jets are similiar to the Vic Vipper T301
3.This tower is 1 of 3 monkeys to deal percentage damage on a BAD regardless of health

Model Details:
Pages: 13
Height: 7.45 in / 18.92 cm
Width: 7.91 in / 20.09 cm
Depth: 7.60 in / 19.30 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: This model is quite huge compared to my other models. I have included the templates for one fighter jet as page one of the templates and can be printed as many times you want to make the fighter jet. Refer to the video below if you have questions regarding making the model. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned!

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