Wednesday, February 2, 2022

5-5-5 Paragon Ninja (Ascended Shadow)

I have no idea what this monkey does but it looks pretty cool  and I like the Ninja Monkey so here it is.

This monkey combines the ability of all fifth-tier monkeys allowing it to throw seven shurikens. Every seven shots, this monkey throws five flash bombs that explode into three smaller blue seeking shurikens that can stun ZOMG and other tier bloons below it. I guess this answers what it does.

Model Details:
Pages: 4
Height: 3.06 in / 7.77 cm
Width: 2.70 in / 6.90 cm
Depth: 2.61 in / 6.63 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: This model is somewhat difficult so I recommend watching the video down below to help you make the model. Also, this model is quite small so I also recommend building this model with a toothpick to apply pressure to the smaller pieces. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned!

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