Saturday, January 22, 2022

Chibi Beldum


You get it for free in a house in Mossdeep city while playing Emerald. Slap an exp.share on this Pokemon and just have it in your party until it evolved into a Metagross. Am I right on how you used Beldum because that is how I used it. Every now and then I would use Beldum's strong signature move known as take down if I was 100% it would K.O but it mainly stayed in the back of party gaining experiences.

Pokedex Entry:
According to the Pokedex, Beldum has a magnetic force that runs through its body and communicates with other Beldum to move in unison through pulses of magnetism. The second part of this entry reminds me of the fish from nemo that moved together in unison. That is the bulk of Beldum's entries. The weird entry is kinda of graphic as Beldum uses its magnetic traction to pull in its foes to be skewed by its claw.

Fun Fact:
1. Beldum is a magnetic robot based on a dumbbell
2. Beldum and its evolutions have the lowest catch rate of 3

Model Details:
Pages: 1
(Dimension below is when the model is horizontal)
Height: 1.39 in / 3.53 cm
Width: 1.14 in / 2.90 cm
Depth: 2.32 in / 5.89 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: This model is not too difficult to build. If you need help building the body, skip to --- in the video down below. To get the model to stand vertically, glue everything to the body and then create a triangle with the pyramid spikes. You will need to play with the locations of the pyramid but that is the basic steps. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned!

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