Friday, October 8, 2021

Chibi Rockruff


I like the concept of this Pokemon as it can evolve into different forms based on the time of day, and it is a cute looking dog so what can go wrong. The one thing that surprised me about Rockruff is that it is a rock type. After looking at midday Lycanroc, I guess it makes sense that Rockruff is a rock type, but in my opinion I thought it was a normal type.

Fun Facts:
1. On Bulbapedia, Rockruff has a footprint that looks like a question mark. I do not know if that is accurate as Rockruff's paw looks like any dog's typical paw.
2. Rockruff has been known to fight with Growlithe over territory. (Pretty cool fact)
3. Once Rockruff is close to evolving, it will begin to howl when the sun goes down (Okay makes sense)

Pokedex Entry:
According to the Pokedex, Rockruff has lived with humans "since times long ago" and can strongly bond with its trainer that it can realize when its trainer is in the dumps and it will stick by the trainer's side. Unfortunately that ends the commonality with dogs. As Rockruff grows up, it becomes rougher and rougher and becomes harder to raise. Many trainers find it difficult to deal with Rockruff and abandon them 😢.

Model details:
Pages: 1
Height: 1.80 in / 4.57 cm
Width: 1.51 in / 3.84 cm
Depth: 2.29 in / 5.82 cm
Download:  3D Model / Templates
Notes: Down below I have included the video of me making the model. You can play the video at .25x speed and follow along if you want to. A few things to make note of when building this model. Make sure to place a weight in the model can stand by itself. Furthermore, I did not want want to build the black parts of the collar, but I have included it in the templates. If you want to build them I would recommend building them after gluing the bottom collar part to the body. Therefore you would build the bottom collar, black parts, then the top collar and then lastly gluing the head. I hope you enjoy building and stay tune!🙂

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