Friday, October 29, 2021

Chibi Gothitelle


Whenever I played through the Unova game, I know that the elite four member Kaitlyn had one of these on her team, but I remember it being an easy Pokemon to knock out. I do know that due to its ability shadow tag, Gothitelle was quite good in perish song teams in doubles. I remember this because a long time ago, WolfieVGC used this Pokemon and I loved watching him use the perish song gimic to knock out his opponent. Besides that, I do know anything else about this Pokemon as I have never used this Pokemon in game.

GO check Paperpokes I helped them build a much more detail model of this Pokemon. You can find the templates at

Pokedex Entry:
According Pokedex, Gothitelle can predict the future based off the from the movement of the stars and can see a Trainer's life span. This is Gothitelle's typical entry, but Pokemon Shield throws a complete curveball as the entry states that a criminal who was shown its fate by Gothitelle went missing the same day. Ummm... where did he/she go.

Model Details:
Pages: 2
Height: 3.00 in / 7.62 cm
Width: 3.13 in / 7.95 cm
Depth: 1.37 in / 3.48 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: I do not have a video of this Pokemon as I made it a little bit ago before I started recording myself building the models. This model is not too difficult to build. I would recommend first building the head, but do not close the head until all the black headpieces and white bows are built and attached to the head. Next, build the body downward closing at the bottom at it will be covered up. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned!


  1. hello crafter wong,
    I tried to download the files and i always get only text files can we get in touch via mali and then discuss about the files that i want if that work
    LG chanti_live

    1. Shoot me an email at the email I provide in the contact/me page on the website