Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Chibi Feraligatr

I'm surprised that Feraligtr evolves so early at level 30. I remember I was climbing the light house to get to the Ampharados in Soulsilver and after a battle Croconaw began evolving. I was completely surprised as I knew that Typhlosion evolved, so I thought the game was making a mistake, but no Croconaw evolved at level 30. I do have to admit, out of the Johto starters, Feraligtr, in my opinion, is the best as it gets great type cover in game as it can naturally learn crunch, ice fang, superpower and aqua tail, and has a cool shiny to go along with it. Side note, one of my first run-throughs of Soulsilver, it somehow managed to survive Lt. Surge's Raichu thunderbolt on six hp while being five levels lower than Raichu. Don't know how but it did. 

Pokedex Entry:
Well, Feraligtr has some intimidating Pokedex entries. According to the pokedex, to intimidate its foes by opening its mouth, followed by kicking its POWERFUL hind legs to charge at an incredible speed. Furthermore, when it bites its opponents with its massive jaw, it shakes its head and savagely tears its victim up. Alright quite an intimidating Pokemon. What I do not understand is that according to the original Pokemon Silver entry, Feraligtr has a problem supporting its own weight out of water and thus it must get down on all fours. Two things. One, unless I am mistaken, I have never seen a sprite of Feraligtr on all-fours as it normally stands on its two hind legs. Secondly, I thought that Feraligtr has powerful hind legs. I mean it is specifically stated in its entry. I guess not powerful enough to stand on then. 

Model Details:
Pages: 1
Height: 2.80 in / 7.11 cm
Width: 1.53 in / 3.89 cm
Depth: 3.04 in / 7.72 cm
Notes: This model is not too difficult to build. I have included a video of me building the model down below so go watch the video if you need help. One thing not to clear in the video is for the teeth, I just took scrap paper and cut triangles out of to make the teeth. I then glued the teeth in the general location in which they are supposed to be located at. The option is there to make the teeth 3D but making it 2D just saves more time. Also, put a weight in the model to allow the model to stand by itself. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building, subscribe, and stay tune! 
Download: 3D Model / Templates


  1. Thanks for the chibi feragilatr tutorial! I like it

  2. hi i am new your feraligart is awesome and i not speak inglis i am spanish :)