Saturday, August 21, 2021

Chibi Blaziken

Speed Boost Blaziken. I have swept many people on showdown with this Pokemon. Interesting fact, Blaziken practices Martial Arts. Did not think that forms like these would exist in the Pokemon Universe, but hey they do.

Pokedex Entry:
According to the Pokedex, Blaziken flames comes out of with its wrist and its fiery punches scorches its foes. Okay make sense. What I did not expect as that Blaziken had the ability to jump over 30 story buildings. HUH?! Blaziken does not look like it has the capability to do that, but hey it is a fantasy game so I guess anything is possible.

Model Details:
Pages: 1
Heights: 2.80 in / 7.11 cm
Width: 1.94 in / 4.93 cm
Depth: 1.95 in / 4.95 cm
Notes: Build the the head, torso and leg section separately. Then glue them all together. Lastly, you the two cones and attach them (one on each leg) to get the model to stand by itself. Watch the video if you have any problems building the model. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tune!
Download: 3D Model / Templates


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