Saturday, July 10, 2021

Chibi Quilava

I do remember running through Soulsilver with a Quilava before. I just remember being completely surprised when it evolved at level 14 right after I defeated Faulkner. I was then pissed off that it took until level 36 to evolve it to a Typholsion because by that time in the game Quilava was falling behind the rest of my team. I feel like starters should evolve at 16 and then again at 32 or 34. It just feels more natural to me. Fun fact, Quilava was the first papercraft I made without lines. Why do I remember this? Well because I remember sitting in front of the computer to find make sure to fold every line (which is not necessary). 

                           Typhlosion               Cyndaquil

Pokedex Entry:
According to the Pokedex, Quilava is a highly nimble Pokemon that can dodge attacks while scorching its opponents. Furthermore, Quilava likes intimidating its foes by turning its back and demonstrating how ferociously its fire blazes and the heat of its flame; the stronger the flame the more ready it is to fight. When I first read about this, all I could think of is a group Quilava performing this intimidation factor like the New Zealand Rugby team's Haka prior to a match. If you have not seen this, go on YouTube and search it. The other entry is somewhat weird. According to Pokemon Silver and Pokemon FireRed, Quilava can withstand any kind of fire attack. UhhhhhhhI don't think so. I do not believe a low level Quilava will be surviving an eruption from a full health Primal Groudon in the sun. There are probably more crazy examples than the one I provided, but I cannot think of any off the top of my head. 

Model Detail:
Pages: 1
Height: 2.05 in / 5.21 cm
Width: 1.22 in / 3.10 cm
Depth: 2.46 in / 6.25 cm
Notes: This model is simple to build. When making the flames, you can just fold the white sides on top of each other causing only the color to be shown and then trim the excess white parts off. Make sure to put a small weight inside the body so the model can stand by itself. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tune! 
Download: 3D Model / Templates

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