Saturday, July 24, 2021

Chibi Noctowl

I know that Ash had a shiny Noctowl which was quite cool, but that is about it. I never bothered using Noctowl in any nuzlocke or any run in general. So yeah, I do not have much to say about this Pokemon. I mean the design looks alright, but nothing to cool that would give me an urge to use it. I mean this Pokemon was suggested so there must be something cool there, but I do not know personally see here.

Pokedex Entry:
Most of Noctowl's entries make sense. Over time, Noctowl has developed the ability to see in murky darkness and minimal light. Combined with its extremely soft feathers that does not produce sound when it flies, Noctowl never fails to catch its prey in the darkness. It has been given the name of "Emperor of Dark Nights." I understand that Noctowl is probably nocturnal and hunts probably around midnight, however, does Noctowl still have 100% catching its prey on nights it is not too dark and murky? I would assume that is has close to 100% catching rate but is kind of funny of thinking that Noctowl failing during not as dark days and completely flourishing in catching prey on darker days. Hey, evolution I guess. Anyways, when Noctowl needs to think it rotates its head 180 degrees. Alright makes sense. Surprisingly though, according to Ultra Sun’s Pokedex entry, when Noctowl is troubled by something, it turns its head upside down and if you do not leave it, it will peck you. What!? I know owls can turn their heads 180 degrees, so the previous entry makes sense, but being able to rotate its head 180 degrees so that its face is upside down when facing you. What is Noctowl's neck made of? 
Model Details:
Pages: 1
Height: 2.06 in / 5.23 cm
Width: 2.60 in / 6.60 cm
Depth: 2.70 in / 6.86 cm
Notes: This model is not too difficult to build. When making the headpiece, make the two sides and then close the headpiece by attaching both sides to the middle piece. Furthermore, to get the model to stand use the two legs and the tail to create a tripod. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned!  
Download: 3D Model / Templates


  1. Hello, A big thank you to you !!!! For the story it comes from a nuzlock challenge. I dared my boyfriend to finish a pokemon game with Noctowl which he did ^^ '. So I wanted to make him a little Noctowl ^^. Here is for the story
    Thanks again to you ^^

    Bonjour ,Un grand merci à vous!!!! Pour l'histoire cela vient d'un challenge nuzlock. J'ai défier mon copain de finir un jeu pokemon avec Noctowl ce qu'il a fait ^^'. Donc je voulais lui faire un petit Noctowl ^^ . Voici pour l'histoire
    Merci encore a vous ^^

    *reste à l'affut du prochain papercraft*