Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Pokemon Trainer Red

Before I begin go check out DavidA3D he helped make this model possible.

Also, I am going to talk about Red from the main series games not from the origin series. The origin series Red is alright, but I did really like that Red. The only thing I liked about that Red was that he used a Mega Charizard X. The Red from the games,in my opinion, just seems more arrogant and it goes well with him being one of the greatest trainers of all-time. I like that you have climb a snowy mountain in order to battle to emphasize only the best of the best can conquer this mountain and then challenge Red. The only things I sort of do not understand is, depending how long he has been on top of the mountain in which I assume a long time, how did he get the necessary resources for him and his Pokemon survive and how come he became mute (Do not tell me ........... is a language). I remember when I first challenged Red in Soulsilver, I was completely shocked by the levels of his Pokemon. I was expecting level 60s-70s for his Pokemon not mid to high 80s. So, after seeing my Feraligatr level 62 go up against a level 87 Pikachu I immediately soft reset and returned to the Elite Four for some grinding. I do not remember how I beat Red again, but I did. I know quite anti-climactic. I did run a heavily cheated run (with an Action Replay) when playing HeartGold and I do remember used a level 100 Arceus and just one-shotted everything with judgement.  

Red's Pokemon

                                     Charizard      Venusaur     Blastoise

Model Details:
Pages: 2 or 4 or  8
Height: 3.50 in / 8.89 cm -- 6in / 15.24 cm -- 9in / 22.86 cm
Width: 1.43 in / 3.63 cm -- 2.46 in / 6.25 cm -- 3.69in / 9.37 cm
Depth: 1.44 in / 3.66 cm  -- 2.46 in / 6.25 cm -- 3.69in / 9.37 cm

This model comes in different sizes. The bigger the model is, the easier the model is to build. I HIGHLY recommend that you have Pepakura open when you are building as the model is still difficult regardless of the size. In general, for building this model is to start at the hat and work downwards. When you get to the arms and hands build them separately and then attach them to the body. Then, continue building downwards building the legs right on the body. When making the shoes, I put an eraser off the back of a pencil in each one and free hand glued the shoes to the legs so the white parts between the connection (between the shoes and legs) was not showing. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned! 

Download: 3D Model / Templates

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