Saturday, June 5, 2021

Chibi Snorlax

The first time I played FireRed I remember not knowing how to get past this Pokémon for the story. After somehow completing Lieutenant Surge's gym puzzle (Yes the gym puzzle was much more difficult than the fight itself. May be because I did not know what adjacent as a kid), I went to the right and saw my path was stopped by a Snorlax. I then went left and defeated Erika and Sabrina (Yes I talked to every NPC as a kid and therefore got the freshwater). I realized that I could not go left of Erika because of the Snorlax in the road again. I had no idea what to do next as I could not go past the Marowak in the Lavender tower. I do not know how I got the flute, but I remember being completely lost on how to gain it. I think after running through the region I eventually learned that I needed to beat the team rocket base in Saffron before proceeding to defeat Lavender town. I eventually got the Pokeflute and used it to wake up the Snorlax. Funny enough, I ran away from the first Snorlax and thought that I could reencounter it. After learning from that mistake, I used the PokeFlute on the one near Celadon and caught and used that Snorlax for the rest of the run. 

Pokedex Entry:
We all know Snorlax. All it does is eat and sleep. Yeah that is all its Pokedex Entries are. The Pokedex just provides more information about the eating habits of Snorlax. For example, Snorlax eats around 900 lbs of food per day and does not care if the food is moldy or on the ground. That is insane, 900 lbs of food per day could feed 180-300 humans per day. Furthermore, Snorlax's acid is so strong that even Muk's poison only acts as a spice for Snorlax. Kinda funny imagining Snorlax instead of using tobasco sauce (Hot sauce) it uses a bottle of deadly posion instead.

Model Details
Pages: 2
Height: 3.23 in / 8.20 cm
Width: 2.84 in / 7.21 cm
Depth: 1.69 in / 4.30 cm
Notes: I actually redid the model so it is wider than it looks in the picture. Anyways, this model is very simple to build. Build the head and body separately and then glue them together. You do NOT have to do anything to get the model to stand. It can stand by itself. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned!
Download: 3D Model / Templates

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