Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Chibi Zygarde Core Forme


I did not know this Pokemon existed. I just thought that there were only 3 Zygarde forms, but apparently, there is this form (which I like to call baby Zygarde) and a cell form. Also, I thought the core form would have a shiny form, but nope it doesn't. I may be wrong and if I am please let me know in the comments. Therefore, I found a color complex I liked for a shiny version and used that as the textures for a "shiny" version. Besides that, this section is going to be pretty bare.

Pokedex Entry:
I do not think this SPECIFIC Zygarde form has a special Pokedex Entry, so I am just going to state some interesting facts about the Zygarde Core form. Zygarde Core Form is a part of Zygarde's mind. Apparently there are two different kinds of Zygarde, one with a blue hexagon and one with a red hexagon, and they communicate to each other through telepathy. Funny enough these two have names in the anime as the red is called squishy (the more emotional side of the brain) and the blue one is called Z-2 (the more logical and technical side of the brain. It sounds like one was named by a kid and the other was named by scientist. Anyways, lastly, this Pokemon get their energy through photosynthesis. Hmmm so like Rowlet who can photosynthesize.

Model Details:
Pages: 1
Height: 1.70 in / 4.32 cm
Width: 0.94 in / 2.39 cm
Depth: 0.97 in / 2.46 cm
Download: 3D Model /Templates
Notes: This model is not too difficult to build. Build the head and body separately. Put a small weight inside the body to allow the model to stand by itself. Besides, that I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned!

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