Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Chibi Zygarde Complete Forme

So how does this make sense. Zygarde evolves from a dog to a snake and to a transformer. No not the one that steps up or steps down voltage (For those electrical engineers), but the one that would be called up by Optimus Prime after changing from a car to a killing robot. I never watched Digimon, but the Zygarde evolution line makes me think on how Digimon evolves as my only exposure is the meme where they show how natural Pokemon evolution and how odd Digimon evolutions are. So yeah I do not get how this evolution line works but okay. Besides that I never really used this Pokemon Showdown or in the main game so I call I can say is insult the weird evolution Zygarde undergoes to turn in a transformer.

Pokedex Entry:
So I concluded that Zygarde 50% Forme was basically an aggressive Lorax. Well this Pokemon seems to be the same but on steroids. According to the Pokedex, Zygarde has enough power to overwhelm Xerneas and Yvetal (I assume it is much much stronger than both). Furthermore, Zygarde 100% Forme uses these powers to neutralize those who endangers the ecosystem. What does Pokemon mean by neutralize? I am going to assume that Pokemon did not want to say off with so they used neutralize instead. So yeah.... Zygarde 100% Forme is the Lorax who has God-Like power that is not afraid to eliminate anyone in order to protect the ecosystem. Yeah I do not want to be caught littering if this Pokemon is around.

Model Details:
Pages: 5
Height: 4.50 in / 11.43 cm
Width: 6.31 in /  16.03 cm
Depth: 4.41 in / 11.20 cm
Notes: This Pokemon is alright to build, refer to the PDO for help. When building the model, first build the body. Attaching the piece with the smile to the main circle and then attach the back part to the main circle making sure to free hand glue the arms to the front part. Then build the lower body but do not close the model. Next, build the head and its headpieces and attach it to the body. Build and attach the mouth piece to the head and then glue the front triangles to the body. Finally, build all the cape-like parts and then use them to get the model to stand by itself by angling them any way you want. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned!
Download: 3D Model / Templates

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