Saturday, May 15, 2021

Basic Glue Gunner


This monkey slows down balloons, that is all it does. Later upgrades make this tower pretty useful as it can actually do damage and slow M.O.A.B class balloons, but until then this monkey is pretty useless. Personally, this tower is not my cup and tea and you will only catch me using the 0-2-1 Glue Gunner in the early game. Besides that I stay far away from this tower.

It shoots slobs of gluing slowing down the balloons to 50%. So it basically slows down balloons and that is about it.

Model Details:
Pages: 2 or 4
Height: 2.89 in / 7.34 cm   or  5.00 in / 12.70 cm
Width: 1.54 in /  3.91 cm   or  2.67 in / 6.78 cm
Depth: 2.44 in / 6.20 cm    or  4.22 in / 10.72 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: For this model I have included different sizes. The bigger size is the easier the model is to build of the two. If you have built any of my Bloons Tower Defense models before, it is very similar to how to build those. If you have not, here the basic instructions. First build the head. For this model in specific you will need to trim the ears so they are not as large, and I have provided the option to make the eyebrows 2D or 3D. Use the PDO to help build the arms and attach it to the body when you get there. Finish building the body, but DO NOT glue the legs yet. Next build the hose and glue bucket and attach it to the body. Sorry but there was no connect piece between the hose and the bucket so...yeah. Next build the legs and tail. When building the legs, you can free hand glue the feet to the leg. As long as the the leg is in the general region of the feet it is fine. Lastly, to get the model to stand free hand glue the tail and legs (to the general area where they are suppose to be glued to but do not have to be glue directly to the tabs assigned to) to a location in which the model can stand by itself. An viola the model is done. Besides that, I hope you enjoy buiding and stay tuned!

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