Monday, March 8, 2021

Total Transformation (x-5-x) Alchemist Monkey

When I played BTD 6 I only used the 5-0-0 monkey, so I actually did not know what this monkey was when someone requested it. I had to Google it to figure out what this monkey looked like and I also had to look up on YouTube what this monkey did. In my opinion this monkey looks like the Super monkey's laser beam but just light blue. Furthermore, its ability seems very similar to the dart monkey's ability as all the surrounding monkeys (does not have to be only alchemist monkey like the dart monkey's ability where the surrounding towers had to be dart monkeys) turn into a 0-5-0 alchemist monkey. Sorry I cannot provide any strategical opinion on this monkey as I have never used it, but I assume that this monkey would be pretty good late game.

I cannot roast these entries as the game makes these straightforward, but according to the game its ability transforms five nearby monkeys into crazy attack monkeys for 20 seconds.

Model Details:
Pages: 2
Height: 2.80 in / 7.11 cm
Width: 2.65 in / 6.73 cm
Depth: 2.20 in / 5.59 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: This model is VERY COMPLICATED to build I will do my best to explain what I did but I highly recommend that you download Pepakura Viewer to see where all the pieces are located on this model (This program opens the PDO file in the download). Well besides that here comes the somewhat long instruction list.
The first thing is to build the head, but do no close the head. Build the head spikes next. There is one tab on the right spike that connects to the head. Use this spike as a marker to guide you on where to place the other spikes on the head. 
The next item you want to build are the glasses. I am sorry I do not have a picture of the part I wanted to talk about so I will do my best to explain it. When building each goggle side, build the goggle normally then place the hexagonal red piece under the goggle so you can see the red for the eyepiece then attach the goggle to the main goggle piece. For the goggle straps, you only have to cut out part of the goggle piece and you will need to trim the ears. I have included the picture of the section that needs to be cut. You can attach the ears or straps in any order, but just make sure the straps are glued on above the ears.
When building the body you will need to free-hand glue the black part of the body to the white part
I cannot say much about the shoulders and arms besides that to follow the PDO to show where each piece goes. Also, take your time build each piece allowing the glue to dry. If you are experience enough you can avoid attaching some tabs are cover them up with different piece and still get a nice looking build
I had Pepakura Viewer up and open when I was
building this section and I recommend that you do to

When getting the model to stand, glue a small circle inside the model so there is a plane to glue the legs on. Glue on the legs and then play with the placement of the tail to get the model to stand up by itself.
Built a small circle inside the model
to glue the legs to the body

Besides that, I hope you enjoy and stay tune! I am grabbing a cookie after these instructions.

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