Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Chibi Lanturn


I have never used this Pokemon because I thought Chinchou sprite looked, how do I say this nicely, stupid. Yep, what a great reason for never using a Lanturn in a playthrough. As I have grown older, I have started to gain a desire to use this Pokemon in the next playthrough. The reason for this new desire is I have been watching Pokemon Challenges nuzlocke Kaizo Emerald and he has used Lanturn many time to defeat Watson. The rules he has in place make the game very very very hard, considering how hard the game is already. I find it kinda of funny how despite all these difficulties, Watson still decides to use thunderbolt against Lanturn even though it has Volt Absorb. This reminds of when Chuggaconroy's run through Pokemon Gale of Darkness when the A.I. kept using normal-type moves against Misdreavus. Also, is it me or does Lanturn looks like a combination of Dory and the fish that uses its light as bait to lury in its prey.

Pokedex Entries: 
I mean I do not know what to make of Lanturn of this Pokemon. It has a pretty graphic entry like Lanturn blinds its prey with an intense burst of light and when the prey is incapacitated, the Pokemon swallows it in a single gulp. It has a scientific entry saying that the bacteria in its body allows the a strong luminscent effect to occur. It has a cute entry saying that it is nicknamed the "The Deep-Sea Star" due to its ability to illuminate the sea surface from a depth of three miles. Overall, I think they are solid and Lanturn is just like what I think it would be.

Pages: 1
Height: 2.17 in / 5.51 cm
Width: 2.50 in / 6.35 cm
Depth: 2.52 in / 6.40 cm
Download: 3D Model /Templates
Notes: I built the model from the left to the right and close the model at the piece with no tabs that is located on the underside of the model. The light on the top is a little difficult to build but just let the glue dry after each attachment. I added a small weight, I used an eraser cap, and I played with the angle of the tail to have the model stand up properly. Besides that I hope you enjoy building and stay tune!


  1. What are those things in lanturn pdf under its eyes?

    1. Left of the eyes - fin
      Directly under the eyes- the two pieces for the Antenna on top of the head that connects to the two bulbs (each antenna attaches to one bulb.
      Right of the eyes - bulbs
      Hope this helps😁