Monday, March 15, 2021

Chibi Dartrix

This Pokemon gives off the vibes of a nice smug scholar. When looking at this Pokemon, it reminded me of two other characters. For some reason, this Pokemon reminds me of a Pokemon version of the Castle Valet Darach from the Sinnoh battle frontier with its slick hair and put together look. The more strange character this Pokemon reminds me of is Owl (this is his actual name I was surprised when I googled it) from Winnie the Pooh. They look nothing a like but I just thought about him when making this model.

Pokedex Entry:
I mean my assumption about this Pokemon was sort of right. According to the Pokedex, Dartrix is a narcissistic Pokemon (I guess I was somewhat right regarding it looking smug) and a clean freak. The clean freak a surprising fact about this Pokemon. Apparently, it takes extreme care in preening its feathers and its preoccupation with any dirt in its plumage can lead it unable to battle. No wonder stage 1 Pokemon are stereotypically called teenagers as this one acts like a teenage girl always worrried about its appearance.

Model Details:
Pages: 1
Height: 2.35 in / 5.97 cm
Width: 1.96 in / 4.98 cm
Depth: 2.17 in / 5.51 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: Build this model from the BOTTOM UP. Do not glue the back leaves on its butt it the white part of the model. Once you have finished building the model, play with the angle of the leaves (hence why we need glue them yet) in order to get the model to stand by itself. Once the model can stand, then glue the leaves to the white. I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned!

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