Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Chibi Paniward

It is me or does Paniward look like Miek from Thor Ragnarok, the purple dude with swords as hands and the viewer first meets with Korg. I mean they both are small organisms with swords as hands🔪. The only difference I see is the head piece on Paniward's head. Besides that I do not believe I have used this Pokemon in any playthrough of Black or White one or two. I think I was interested in using a Bisharp in a playthrough, but I was deterred by the high evolution level of 52 (What is with the high level evolutions in Unova? Am I the only one to notice?). I did train a Paniward up to a Bisharp but it was giving Paniward the exp.share and battling against the elite four a few times🤪.

Pokedex Entry:
This Pokemon has a more animalistic pokedex entry. The combination of the entries say that this Pokemon is covered in blades (Good job Captain Obvious) and sharpens these blades with rocks by the river. On the command of a Bisharp, groups of Paniward attack their prey by slashing their opponent or sinking their blades on their body into prey. One day, Paniward wishes to become the lead Bisharp one day. I find it quite funny how these Pokemon act like lions (which is pretty cool), but attack their opponents by slashing or the more feared way....hugging🤣. 

Model Details:
Height: 2.20 in / 5.59 cm
Width: 1.42 in / 3.61 cm
Depth: 1.53 in / 3.89 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: Building the individual parts are quite easy, the hardest part comes up when getting the model to stand by itself. Before closing the body, leave one tab unglued. Then glue the head on top of the body. Next invert the legs to create a flat surface for the legs using the unglued tab to fit a toothpick inside to make sure the inversions are on the same plane. When the model can stand by itself, glue the final unglued tab. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned😁!

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