Friday, December 25, 2020

Chibi Glalie


Is it me or does Glalie seem to look mad? I do not know why but I assume that I assume that it is (wow what a tongue twister) because of the shape of the eyes. The eyes look slanted down implying anger, but that is just me. Again, I have never really used this Pokemon in game or remember much about it so I do not have any stories using it or facing it.

Recently I had the opportunity to help out Paperpokes. If you are interested in building a bigger and more detailed model of Glalie you can go to to find the free templates.

Pokedex Entry:
Well, Glalie has two type of Pokedex entry. The first Pokedex entry talks about the build of this Pokemon as it uses a combination of ice and rocks to create that acts like armor for itself. Ok makes sense. The second Pokedex entry talks about how it attacks its prey. Glalie controls the moisture in the air freezing its prey in the process. Glalie then eats its prey in a leisurely fashion. It is quite cool that this Pokemon controls the temperature to attacks its prey, and I can imagine Glalie could use this ability in some graphic ways to attack its prey, but I will let you imagine that. I also kind of find it funny that the Pokedex mentions that this Pokemon's favorite snack is a Vanillite. I mean I guess this Pokemon likes ice cream🍦.

Model Details:
Pages: 2
Height: 2.15 in / 5.46 cm
Width: 2.45 in  / 6.22 cm
Depth: 2.11 in / 5.36 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: When building the model, build the model downwards and close at the bottom once all the black parts are attached. For the black parts, I have placed on the page close to where they are supposed to be on the model. When attaching the black parts, you will need to manually trim them so they fit into the right spot. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building, stay tuned, and have a happy holidays🎄🎊.


  1. Hi I request you to make a mew or mewtwo. either will be good and if you can't make it, It is okay.

    1. Yeah I can make those models, but with everyone else I have no idea when they will be released. Do you preference on which one you want first?