Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Chibi Alolan Ninetales


For the person who requested Ninetales, do not worry I will be making the Kanto region one. I just had this one queued and was like well I can move it up a couple of slots. Anyways... like Alolan Vulpix I have no experience playing with this Pokemon in any Nintendo games. I do not even have one in Pokemon Go as I am too lazy to evolve my Alolan Vulpix even though I have enough candy 😅.

Pokedex Entry:
I think this Pokemon is aware of its flaws. According to the Pokedex, Ninetales guides people down the mountain because they want humans to hurry up and leave. Well on first impression, Ninetales sound like a douche because they do not want humans in their space. In my opinion, Ninetales are trying to protect humans. In the pokdex, it is stated that is Pokemon creates drops of ice in its coat and showers them over its enemies. Anyone who angers it will be frozen in an instant. I believe Ninetales are not a big fan of humans, but Ninetales has some feeling and are trying to get humans to leave their area so they do not get frozen when Ninetales freezes humans with their drops of ice. So do not go hiking and piss off a Ninetales... I guess because your journey will be ended early. 

Model Details:
Pages: 2
Height: 2.50 in / 6.35 cm
Width: 2.13 in / 5.41 cm
Depth: 4.65 in / 11.81 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: The model has two difficult parts to build the tail and the hair? headpiece? Fur on in its head.
When building the tail, build the top of the tail first and then place the spikes from the tail around the top part. When closing the tail, use the piece on the top of page 2 (the piece with only one tab) and close the tail with that pieces only tab. When building the headpiece, make sure to fold each line (use pepakura or the lined version to guide you if you are using the lineless version) and build from the tip of the hair to the main connection of the hair to the head. Use the piece that has no tabs to close its hairpiece. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building this model and stay tune!

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