Monday, November 9, 2020

Chibi Latias


Sorry to say, but I do not have any strong opinions or funny stories about this Pokemon. I just know this Pokemon is a Hoenn Pokemon and has a slick design and looks really sick in fanart with Latios. So... if you have any funny stories or strong opinion about Latias put them in the comments below. I will be eagerly waiting to read the comments...if there are any😅.

Pokedex Entry:
Based on Pokedex entries, this Pokemon can refract light to make them appear invisible. Furthermore, this Pokemon can communicate with humans through telepathy. Hear me out...Imagine befriending this Pokemon and having it fly you all over the given region you are in. Because this Pokemon can appear invisible to humans at times, will it look like you are floating or flying in space when you ride it around (so picture something like Wonder Women riding her invisible jet?) . Because if so,🤔 this would be a funny prank to pull on friends... and people in general.  

Model Details:
Pages: 1
Height: 2.45 in / 6.22 cm
Width: 2.72 in / 6.91 cm
Depth: 3.24 in / 8.23 cm
Notes: Building the model is quite simple, but getting the model to stand by itself is somewhat difficult. In order to get the model to stand, what I did was I placed a penny inside the model and I made a small dent in the model in the desired position in which I wanted the model to balance around. I have inserted a picture of an example of where I placed my dent, but it is ultimately up to you to decide where the loaction of this dent will be. I hope you enjoy building and stay tuned! And place any stories you have about Latias in the comments😁.

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  1. I couldn't finish the papercraft because files that had stuff I needed were corrupted.