Friday, October 30, 2020

Chibi Chandelure


A chandelier who does a lot of damage but dies to an attack. Seems fitting for a chandelier (provides a lot of use by providing light but if it falls have a fun time cleaning up all the glass). This Pokemon reminds of Lumiere with three different flames in a similar layout to Lumiere🕯 but with just a bigger head. Anyways, this Pokemon in my opinion is very cool as it did a lot of damage and unlike its stereotype, it was able to live a couple of hits before dying (for me, I do not know maybe I had unforeseen defense EVs 🤷‍♂️). Shauntel's Chandelure in Black did not do too much damage or harm to my team I just remember that it missed all its fire blast but got all the special defense drops when using shadow ball so I guess it evens out

Pokedex Entries
All the pokedex entries besides Sword and Shield say something along the line that if you touch its flame, your soul gets burn up and your spirit walks aimlessly forever. Well then... do not be touching its flames. For Sword and Shield it says that if Chandelure illuminates a house instead of a of natural light, funerals occur often. I must admit in game this Pokemon is quite cool, but if this Pokemon existed in real life I am staying far away from it. It to spooky👻.

As our final part of our Halloween collaboration, I helped Paperpokes build a normal and bigger sprite of Chandelure. If you want to go build the bigger model like the model shown below, go visit:

Model Details:
Pages: 1
Height: 3.00 in / 7.62 cm
Width: 2.91 in / 7.39 cm
Depth: 1.42 in / 3.61 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: As you can see the model only requires one base, but if you want to build all three supports, I have included the other supports. You do not have to build the other bases if you angle the arms correctly. For this model, build the body and arms separately and attach them once done. Getting the model to stay it one placing the arms on is quite difficult so have fun finding different sized things to rest the model on. I hope you enjoy building the model and stay tune!

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