Monday, September 14, 2020

Chibi Bastiodon

 Before I talk my opinion/story about this Pokemon. I recently worked with Paperpokes to build a larger and a model closer to the video game model of Bastiodon. If you want to build that model go visit to get the free download. I have been building Paperpokes models for the past decade and they provide free and quality templates, so I highly recommend checking them out to find more templates.

Ok back to the normal content. I never used a Bastiodon during a playthrough. I have a Bastiodon from when I almost completed the national dex for Sinnoh (I was 487 out of 493) but that is it. The only memory of Bastiodon I had was when I faced the steel-gym leader dude who was Roark's father (this is literally how I remembered him before I looked up him up on Serebii to figure out his name was Byron). For some reason, I had some trouble facing this Pokemon with my team as my Empoleon's surf three shotted it and I kept getting bad rolls so Byron would always used a hyper potion whenever this Pokemon was low. This Pokemon was just annoying as I could not knock it. It was not doing any damage to me so it kinda of just sitting there doing nothing and not fainting. Is Byron the only gym-leader, elite four member, or boss to use a Bastiodon because I do not remember anyone else using it? 

Model Detail:
Pages: 2
Height: 2.40 in / 6.10 cm
Width: 2.35 in / 5.97 cm
Depth: 3.91 in / 9.93 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: Even though it may seem logical to connect the nose pieces together and Pepakura says to, DO NOT connect the horns on the nose. They should be two separate horns you will attach individually to the model. For the spikes on the back of the model, I personally only made four, but if you are going to make five you will have to trim each spike so that they can all fit on the back. For the feet spikes, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND following the PDO, Pepakura designer. I could not make these easier to make so follow the PDO as places do not attach where you think they should attach. Besides that, enjoy building, stay tune and do not forget to visit Paperpokes if you want to build the bigger Bastiodon!

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