Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Chibi Charmander

 When I first played Pokemon FireRed, I will wanted to run through the game with a Charizard, so I picked Charmander as my started. I remember breezing through the first few areas of the game thinking how easy the rest of the game would be. I even was able to beat the trainers in the gym leading up to Brock extremely easily, but the main challenge was yet to appear. I was able to knock out his Geodude with some ease only losing a few Pidgey and Caterpie, but the real challenge was defeating the Onix. My strongest attack at the time was ember and it did measly damage compared to Onix's rock tomb which one-hit-KOed all my team members. After failing multiple times, I grinded my Charmander until it learned metal claw. When I refaced the gym, I was able to easily take out the Geodude with metal claw, but when Onix came out metal claw only did a sliver more damage than what ember. I tried beating Brock for the next hour to no triumph. As a kid, I was unaware of saving before fighting the gym leader and the fact that every time you lost a battle you lost money, so I eventually thought of the brilliant idea of buying items to help aid my attempt against Brock but I had no money by that time. I concluded that I was not going to beat Brock but wanted to progress in the game, so I restarted the game with a different starter and had a better time progressing past Brock. I am pretty sure I eventually tried again with Charmander, but I forget how I was able to beat Brock. I probably evolved Charmander up to a Charmeleon and used items to help.

Model Details:
Pages: 1
Height: 2.09 in / 5.31 cm
Width: 1.29 in / 3.28 cm
Depth: 2.02 in / 5.13 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes:  This model is super easy build and therefore is no advice to give, so enjoy building and stay tune!