Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Chibi Altaria

I feel like I used this Pokemon while running through Pokemon Emerald at least once, but I do not recall anything special or funny about this Pokemon. However, when I was playing Pokemon Go (this story takes place about a year ago) I was very excited to evolve my first three star shiny Swablu (means the Pokemon should be the top class for that type of Pokemon). I was planning to power it up intensely and make it one of my strongest Pokemon as I thought because it was a somewhat bulky Pokemon it would have a decently high CP (Combat Power). Well, 😅 I was dead wrong. Before evolving Swablu, it had a whopping 900 CP. After evolving it, Altaria only had 1000 CP with majortiy of the max CP bar filled. In other words, this Pokemon would not have been as powerful as I hoped, and I did not actually power up this Pokemon any further. I know I probably should have looked up the CP cap for Altaria, but how am I supposed to have funny story for this Pokemon 🤪. But anyways, the screenshot of this Pokemon is down below, I cut-out the location where it was caught for obvious reasons.

Model Details:
Height: 2.95 in / 7.49 cm
Width: 3.11 in / 7.90 cm
Depth: 2.83 in / 7.19 cm
Download: 3D Model /Templates
Notes: This model is not to difficult to build. Build the wings first and just glue the top of the body on one of the long sides of the wings. On the other side of the wings, glue the feet. Make sure to trim the feet and play with the positioning to allow the model to stand up properly. Besides that enjoy building and stay tuned!

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