Saturday, July 25, 2020

Lego Thor

IMPORTANT!!!📌 Build the helmet in the separate file labeled as helmet instead of the in the Thor file. The helment in the helmet file fits better onto the model whereas the one in the Thor file does not fit as comfortably.

Commentary: Thor the god of thunder. I never read the comics for Marvel so all my opinions about the character will about their appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). I honestly did not like the character to until Thor Ragnarok. Thor just reminded me too much of a character you would read in English class when reading Shakespeare🤢, and I really hated English class but that is a story for another day. The first two Thor movies were so boring I do not even remember the plot (maybe because I fell asleep in theaters🤪). Prior to Ragnarock, the only redeeming part of the character was Mjolnir and its special properties. Despite losing Mjolnir, Thor had a major character change transforming from a Shakespeare character into more like a comical warrior making him a more like able character. His axe, given to him Infinity War, made him feel more like a rightful and powerful king. Watching Thor in Endgame wielding Stormbreaker and Mjolnir was amazing, and his character did not seem to change by the end of the movie, despite his depression. I look forward to seeing Thor in the MCU and what he has to offer to the next generation of superheroes.

Model Details:
Pages: 3
Height: 4.40 in / 11.12 cm
Width: 2.92 in / 7.42 cm
Depth: 2.90 in / 7.40 cm
Download: 3D Model / Template
The upperbody and lowerbody are easy to build. The way to build the arms are the same as building Captain America so I will copy and paste the instruction here just in case you have not built the Captain America one.

Arms: build each piece separately. I did not use the tabs when attaching each part of the arm together as I just made sure the piece just hid the tabs. For the arm, start building at the forearm and work your way up to the shoulder and close it there making sure the white parts are covered.

Head: The head is straightforward to build. The only change I made was I glued the peach circle shape onto the white part of the top piece so I would have to build that little divot in the head.
Picture below shows what the top of the head looks like.
Helmet: The helmet is very complicated to build and I highly recommend having Pepakura Viewer up while build it. First off, I did not build the entire helmet as I skipped building part of the inside of the helmet. I have included pieces in which I did not personally include, but I recommend stopping where I stopped building. 
The picture below shows the inside of the helmet and the point where I stopped building the inside of the helmet.
Helmet 2: In general, when building the helmet I built the head and side-mouth pieces first and connected them together. Then I built the structure of the helmet and then built the sides and insides of the helmet. The last thing I did was add the small pieces from the helmet. Some of the small pieces were hard to attach to the helmet so what I printed another copy of the helmet templates and just cut out a small shape, that had the small color as the helmet, and covered the hole in the helmet. Circled in blue, you can see below an example of what I did.

Hope you enjoy building and stay tune for more posts!!

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  1. I say it again.. I'm not into Lego stuff, yet this work is so good.. I love all what yu do fellow 😉
    I like the instructions yu provided.. Another good step.
    Awesome man. 👏