Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Chibi Hydreigon

Before I began playing Pokemon Black, I knew that I wanted to use a Hydreigon in game, and that I also wanted to play the game blindly so all the twists and turns would surprise me. I thought this Pokemon would be any typical pseudo legendary and evolve around level 50 or 55 so I leveled my Zweilous to level 55 and it for some reason it did not evolved. I was like "What?! Why has this Pokemon not evolve? I'll just give it a few more levels to allow it to evolve," yet after a few levels my Zweilous had not evolve. I finally threw in the towel and looked up how to evolve a Zweilous in Pokemon Black. To my surprise it was level 63. To my luck, I happened to pick the Pokemon that evolved the latest out of the Pokemon at that time. I grudgingly leveled up my Zweilous to level 63 and oh man was it worth it. It just tore through the entire elite four. A few years later, when facing Ghetsis in Black 2 when I saw his Hydreigon at level 58 (I think) I was like....🤨.

Model Details
Pages: 1
Height: 3.36 in / 8.53 cm
Width: 3.31 in / 8.41 cm
Depth: 2.86 in / 7.26 cm
Download: 3D Model / Templates
Notes: This model is a little more difficult due to the builds of the heads. Because each head is its own 3D shape you need worry on how to close each. In order to accomplish this feat, build half of each mane then attach the head and close each head by attaching the other half of the mane. In order for the model to stand-up properly I closed the slot in which the tail is supposed to be attached (by covering it with a sheet of paper with the same color as the body) and I glued the tail on the back to create a tripod with the two legs. This takes away Hydreigons hunch, but it allows the model to stand by itself, so it is up to you on how you want to build it. Hopefully, you like the model and enjoy building!


  1. Oh boy!! This must be a challenge!
    A real hardwork, thnx fr spending this much time creating great works to share even fr free.. Awesome bruh!
    Way to go. 👏

  2. podrian sacar la megaevoluciones